September Cause – Rescue Bank

Hi friends,

For the month of September, we are excited to partner with the Rescue Bank to supply bowls of food to shelter animals. Every check-in will help provide 4 bowls of food to a shelter animal.

This September, every check-in at FIT Tribe will help provide 4 bowls of food to a shelter animal. We’re working with Causely and the Rescue Bank to make it happen. You can add #care4animals when you check in to promote the cause.

The Rescue Bank operates on a “food bank” model by collecting and redistributing donated pet food, supplies, and donations to qualified animal welfare organizations. Their efforts allow rescue groups to focus on services such as spay/neuter, vet services, facility management, and adoption events.

If you want to learn more about the Rescue Bank, you can check them out at http://rescuebank.org/.  The hashtag this month is #care4animals.

Thanks for checking in to feed the animals in our communities!

FIT Tribe Academy

Kristy CooperSeptember Cause – Rescue Bank

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