What is F.I.T.

earless: Women and men working together to overcome life’s battle scars and create a life they are proud of – and deserve.

mprove: Proven, real-world resources for improving health and well-being through fitness and nutrition principals and realistic goals interlaced with body acceptance and love.

ransform: A movement where exercise is centered around fun, nutrition is enjoyable, and little victories add up to newfound confidence and big change.

Welcome to F.I.T. Tribe!

Learn, connect and grow together creating healthier, fitter, better lives

FIT Tribe is more than a health club and more than a gym; it’s a movement filled with like-minded REAL people sharing common goals of self-improvement. We are driven by a shared passion for wellness, support, encouragement, and inspiration. And we are connected by our hearts.

Together, we bring out our best. Together, we are Fearless as we Improve and Transform our lives. Together, we are FIT Tribe.



Our Mission

Our goal is to help you unleash your best self-inside, outside, and together.

Taking the Guesswork out of Nutrition

Taking the Guesswork out of Nutrition

Learn the big secret for creating a nutritional lifestyle that’s perfect for Y.O.U.

Real-World Resources

Real-World Resources

We offer online training, live groups, mentorship & personal coaching. Ideas you can use in real-life. Community that celebrates your breakthroughs, no matter how big or small.

You’re Invited

You’re Invited

FIT Tribe member unite! Catch us live or online by watching our live calendar and joining in for the fun!

Latest Posts

Welcome to the “Get Real Blog” where we’re sharing our thoughts on nutrition, exercise, family, and all the things real life can throw at you. And we might throw in a few stories about our dogs too!

Our best of 2017 + Exciting plans ahead

Is anyone else in shock that a whole year has passed since we first opened our doors? Time flew for sure, but wow, what a great ride it’s been! 2017 was a year of big wins, major milestones, and so many incredible moments shared with our amazing FIT Tribe members. And the biggest feeling we’re

It’s our Anniversary! And you’re invited to celebrate with us

Wow, as we approach our 1-year anniversary it’s hard to hold back on all the joy and all the feels this moment brings! 2017 was a year of big wins, major milestones, and so many incredible moments shared with our amazing FIT Tribe members. The comradery, emotional support, and dedication to health, fitness and happiness that we’ve created together has made FIT Tribe into more than just a neighborhood gym, more than a place to work out, it’s truly become a movement that we can all be proud of!

What Our Clients Are Saying!

1 week after Grand Opening I can only rave about F.I.T. Academy. Every day I am so excited to scroll through the app schedule to see which one (or two…) of the amazing, challenging, yet so refreshing, get you into the best shape of your life classes I can attend. Such a wide variety of amazing classes are offered, some of our favorite stand-by’s and plenty of new, get you out of the old rut routine like Booty Barre, Fit Camp or very challenging high end Les Mills GRIT classes which so far are only being offered in the LA area. The facility is top notch, plenty of parking (some classes will even be conducted there weather permitting), staff is super friendly (Maria at the front desk will make you feel right at home when you first walk through the door), coaches are amazing(most of them you already know), fellow workout partners are down to earth&easy going, and then of course there is Rossie … she is glowing and more inspiring then ever!!! Classes are smaller than what you are used to. This way you get a lot more one-on-one attention and you can be assured you got the right form to get the most out of your workout and don’t hurt yourself. Bottom line, the slogan says it all … F.I.T. Tribe Family … try it out, you will love it. $10 per class (or 3 for $25), 1 month or as long as you want. You won’t regret it, what do you got to lose but your old, boring workout routine and a ton of calories???

Happy Client

FIT Tribe is a very nice, classy, comfortable place that may look high end but will give you a GREAT workout!! Most importantly is the team that will be working you out, the high quality equipment, the energy and the positive vibes and positive messages throughout the place. No room for failure here whether you are just starting an exercise journey or if it’s a way of life.. Oh yeah and the price is right!!

Happy Client

I constantly struggled with eating the right foods, hitting plateaus, and weight gain. I went to Rossie to help me figure out what I needed to do and how to work it into my life so I could achieve the results I was looking for. Working with Rossie was amazing. I was able to communicate with her using text, phone, Snapchat, Facebook, email, or in person. No matter what time it was, she got back to me as soon as she was able to. She kept me accountable to what I ate, how I ate, when I ate, and if I ate enough or too little. Plus it helped that I worked out in her classes as well.

Her guidance has created amazing results for me. I have lost over 26 pounds since I started…and tons of inches everywhere! I’m blown away when I try on a small size – and it actually fits loosely! People I haven’t seen in a while are shocked and very proud of my results. My results have been so positive that my husband is now joining me and working on changing his eating and exercise habits. The most powerful results, however, are what I see in other people’s faces when they notice my transformation, and the compliments I get from family and friends. Rossie isn’t just an accountability coach and trainer, she’s the perfect inspirational/motivational cheerleader to help you get where you want to be.

Happy Client

FIT Tribe Academy is in a class of its own. Everyone from the owners, to the coaches, and even the other members, are positive, uplifting, encouraging, helpful, and welcoming. Whether you are a beginner, or a conditioned athlete, there is something for absolutely everyone. The studio is beautiful, clean, and the equipment is top notch. The coaches have years of experience. They not only make working out fun, they truly care about you, your safety, and your goals. I love when I walk through the door, I don’t feel like just another number or dollar sign. Proud to be one of the Tribe!!

Happy Client

I totally love it! Rossie and everyone at F.I.T. Tribe treated me so great and made me feel so welcome, all training classes I wanted are available and I feel awesome! I do choose this place over any other in Visalia!

Happy Client
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