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It’s Never Too Early (Or Too Late) To Work Towards the HEALTHIEST you!

Nutrition these days has turned into a guessing game. As soon as you figure out something “healthy” you like, there’s a new study telling you that it’s all wrong. Here’s the big secret – nothing’s right or wrong, it’s all about putting the right pieces together to create a nutritional lifestyle that’s perfect for Y.O.U.

FIT Tribe helps take the guesswork out of nutrition by offering our members access to education, nutrition coaches, and an online support community that helps you make – and stick – to your goals for long-term success.

  • Get Real Ebooks
  • Personalized Nutrition Coaching
  • Community that supports you every step of the way

It’s not about competition. We’re here to help you get over the things that are holding you back so you can get healthy, get fit, and feel good about yourself again.

Here are some awesome stories from our Tribe about the positive nutritional changes they’ve made in their own lives.

Living a healthy lifestyle is not a sprint, its a marathon!

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What Clients Say About Alana

In the beginning of my fitness journey I had zero idea what I was getting myself into when I walked into a gym. I had very little knowledge on proper form or technique for the most basic exercises, which caused me to injure myself a lot more often during workouts. I was lost and confused. Until I met Alana. Working with Alana was the best choice I’ve made for helping myself. I learned proper form and technique which resulted in far less injuries and far more results. Thanks to Alana, I’ve fallen in love with fitness to the point that I’m making it into a career.

Happy Client

I wish I could work out with Alana every day. She is someone who gives 100% of herself to help you reach your goals. When I started working with her I lacked motivation, was intimidated going to the gym, and easily bored with my current routine. Her energy and enthusiasm made it easy and fun for me to learn new skills and techniques, and her supported helped me stick to them to improve my physique, endurance and overall health.

Alana has this great way of making each person feel important and a priority. She takes the time to recognize people’s unique struggles and instruct them in ways to help them overcome those limitations and boundaries. She cares about the people she works with, prioritizing safety of movement and emphasizing listening to your body to avoid injury.

Alana helped me improve my muscle definition and my endurance. I can push myself harder now that I ever thought possible. When I think about giving up too soon, I always can hear Alana saying to me, “Your body can do it, it wants to work hard don’t stop now. When you think you can’t go anymore, push harder because that is when change happens. Or; This is your time, forget everything else and do this for you, this is your hour make it count.”

She’s funny, she’s energetic, and she’ll push you hard, because as much as you want to reach goals she wants to see you get there just as much. Anyone that has had the pleasure of working with Alana would no doubt tell you the same.

Happy Client

I started working out with Alana because I needed the motivation and I was slipping into a routine of the same exercises each week. As I had already taken many of her Spinning and Pilates classes, I knew her style of instruction would work for me. She was outgoing, had a “take no excuses” attitude, but always extremely encouraging.

Each workout session with Alana was different, with varying exercises and types of training (ie: HIIT, body weight, boxing, free weights, machines), so I was never bored. She knew my physical constraints (repeats shoulder injury, arthritis, and other join issues) and worked with them easily. I loved the benefit of working out with Alana but was completely surprised by what I was capable of. Alana pushed me to lift greater, punch faster and hold a plank like I never thought possible. There were tears of frustration but much more laughter.

I can’t recommend Alana enough and would be working with her now if schedules permitted. She is tough and will make you work, but mostly she’ll teach you how to kick your own butt and do it in fantastic form.

Happy Client

What Clients Say About Rossie

I constantly struggled with eating the right foods, hitting plateaus, and weight gain. I went to Rossie to help me figure out what I needed to do and how to work it into my life so I could achieve the results I was looking for. Working with Rossie was amazing. I was able to communicate with her using text, phone, Snapchat, Facebook, email, or in person. No matter what time it was, she got back to me as soon as she was able to. She kept me accountable to what I ate, how I ate, when I ate, and if I ate enough or too little. Plus it helped that I worked out in her classes as well.

Her guidance has created amazing results for me. I have lost over 26 pounds since I started…and tons of inches everywhere! I’m blown away when I try on a small size – and it actually fits loosely! People I haven’t seen in a while are shocked and very proud of my results. My results have been so positive that my husband is now joining me and working on changing his eating and exercise habits. The most powerful results, however, are what I see in other people’s faces when they notice my transformation, and the compliments I get from family and friends. Rossie isn’t just an accountability coach and trainer, she’s the perfect inspirational/motivational cheerleader to help you get where you want to be.

Happy Client

When I first started working with Rossie I was struggling with eating the right foods to help maintain muscle. She immediately understood what I needed, and became my daily support system, texting and checking in to encourage my progress and see what foods I was eating. This helped me stick to the program she’d created for me without cheating. During 6 weeks of clean eating, I noticed positive results in my body. I had more energy, I felt less bloated and I became a better runner. The end result was great! I look leaner and finally saw results. Rossie was uplifting, encouraging, and never gave up on me. It was such a positive experience!

Happy Client
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