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Meet Alana Clarke and Rossie Ballard

Hi, I’m Alana

Just like many of you who are reading this, I’ve had my fair share of stumbling blocks and rocky moments in life that led me here. Growing up in a very dysfunctional family, surrounded by addiction and alcohol, I was pregnant, married, and divorced before I made it through my teenage years. Oh, and don’t forget the anorexia and bulimia that started when I was 11 and lasted for the next 17 years. It took a few years and the inspiration gained every time I looked into my children’s eyes, to get me on the path to real change for a better life, one where I felt good, powerful, confident, and proud of what I’d created. I got into fitness as a way to supplement our income, and fell in love with both the industry, and the transformation it helped me achieve in my life. Being able to help others deal with their own body images fueled my desire to find a way to help even more, which led me to Rossie – and to FIT Tribe.

Hey there, Rossie here!

My life is an ongoing story, just like yours. I was raised as an only child by my mother and lived in both the U.S. and Mexico. I found fitness when I was 16 years old by taking classes at a local gym. I was a total front-row girl, loved the class and knew all the routines by heart. One day the fitness instructors didn’t show, and I was asked to lead the class. I loved it! I’d always been super shy, but here was a place I felt comfortable. I loved to teach, loved the feeling of helping other men and women get fitter and feel better and loved being one of the fitness instructors.

I am fortunate to have a very loving family, but still had my fair share of ups and downs in life. I suffered from depression, which led to anorexia. I hit rock bottom in my 20’s, weighing just 64 pounds, dealing with other addictions, and finally moving away to get help. One day the “Universe” spoke to me loud and clear and I started taking big steps forward to recover physically and mentally. Meeting Alana, who shared the same passion and commitment for fitness, health and creating a better life, was like a cosmic high-five that I was on the right path. I am now on a mission to make this world a better place through inspiration (as a mother of two teenage girls I know how important having a good role model is!) and sharing my story. I am living, walking proof that with faith and the right mindset shifts, supported by better nutrition, exercise, and positive lifestyle choices, you can create the life you always dreamed of.

Together, FIT Tribe Was Born

We’re both passionate about health, fitness, and self-improvement. As leaders in our industry, and with a lot of shared interests, our paths crossed again and again. We worked together here and there, and found a shared connection through our stories, our dedication to helping others – and even through matching tattoos that symbolized our triumph and recovery from the trials we suffered in our youth. As we looked at each other, and saw a reflection of the amazing potential we all have within, we realized that together we formed a cohesive unit with the potential to achieve amazing results for other women and men like us. A tribe based on exercise, nutrition, and self-esteem enhancement. A community of like-minded REAL people with common goals of self-improvement, driven by a shared passion for wellness, support, encouragement, and inspiration. Together, we bring out our best. Together, we are Fearless, Improve, and Transform. Together, we are FIT Tribe.

Alana’s Certifications & Achievements

  • A.C.E. Personal Trainer
  • A.C.E. Health Coach
  • AFAA Group Exercise
  • Nutritional Coach
  • Former R.I.P.P.E.D. Master Trainer
  • Various Specialty Formats Including: Zumba (Basic | Gold |Toning) | Schwinn Cycle | Les Mills Bodypump | R.I.P.P.E.D. | Piyo | Kickboxing | BodyShred | Pilates Mat and MVE Chair | TRX | Barre Above
  • National Fitness Presenter
  • Fitness Presenter
  • Featured In Instructional Fitness DVDs
  • International Fitness Blogger
  • Spartan Trifecta Athlete
  • N.E.D.A. Survivor
  • Class B General Building Contractor

Rossie’s Certifications & Achievements

  • A.C.E.
  • AFAA
  • Fittour
  • A.C.E. Health Coach
  • AEA Aquatic Instructor
  • Nutrition Specialist
  • Other specialty Certifications/License: R.I.P.P.E.D. | Les Mills (BODYPUMP - BODYCOMBAT & GRIT) | Zumba Fitness (Basic 1 - Basic 2 - Toning) | TRX | YOGAFIT | Pilates Coach | Tabata Bootcamp | Stroller Strides | Spinning | Barre Above
  • Master Trainer
  • International Fitness Presenter
  • Boston Marathon Finisher
  • NPC Figure Competitor
  • Spartan Athlete
  • Active Volunteer for events in community
  • Cast of Fitness DVD
  • Degree in Tourism and Business Administration
  • N.E.D.A Survivor
  • Mom

Fun Facts About Alana

  • Raised 5 kids with only minimal psychiatric help
  • Ran 1st half marathon on an all-terrain trail in the dead of summer. And lived to tell the tale
  • Has full conversations with each of her 5 dogs … every day!
  • Eats pizza without shame

Fun Facts About Rossie

  • Slightly obsessed with ice cream / Fro-yo
  • Sets goals to kick her own butt – and gets the job done!
  • Closet consists of 90% workout clothes
  • Qualified court and medical interpreter
  • A total morning person – IF there’s coffee!
  • Starts every morning with “power hour”
  • Eats using small utensils and bowls when home (I know... weird!)
  • Would rather eat chocolate for breakfast if I could
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