Plateau busters – How to break through when you hit a plateau

Ugh, it’s so frustrating when you’re working out, things are going great, and then – bam! – you hit a plateau. Knowing if you’re really in a plateau is the first thing you should figure out.  Next step, make some moves to bust yourself out of it! Like these helpful plateau busters:

Plateau Busters

Change your perspective

Instead of focusing on the one thing that has you frustrated, take a look on something entirely different. For instance, if you’ve been entirely focused on weight gain, make some new goals such as running faster, lifting heavier weights, or joining a new class and learning something new. Or if you’ve been tracking your weight loss by watching the scale, put it away and start measuring your body to track inches, not pounds.

Shock your workouts

Doing the exact same workout, over and over, trains the body to become more efficient at that activity. As it learns and adapts to what you do, your body will burn less calories and conserve energy to get the job done. The answer to this problem is to do something shocking by mixing it up. Pick a new skill – getting out of a rut is often the best thing for shaking up your system.  Trying something different gives your body a chance to recover, adjust, and then come back stronger, faster and better than ever.

Here are some examples:

  • If you’re training for a marathon and have been focusing on long-distance goals, mix it up by working in some sprinting sessions.
  • If you’ve been training really hard to try to get through your plateau, take a day off. Or even a week. Overtraining can do more damage than good, and taking some time away might be the key to getting out of your rut.
  • If you’ve been taking the same class on the same days at the same time for a year now, make a change. Try something different. If you’re a Zumba fan, try out a RIPPED or BODYCOMBAT class to mix it up.
  • If you’ve been working out alone, sign up for a small group fitness plan, or participate in a challenge.

The point here is to find a way to be better today than you were yesterday, no matter how small it may seem. This will give you the proof and motivation that you are still making progress. Even if it’s not quite what you planned, progress is progress, and it will feel good.

Kristy CooperPlateau busters – How to break through when you hit a plateau

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